5 Ways to Use Your Crystals

sun grid B

Now that you have a treasure trove of beautiful crystals, what do you do with them?  They look lovely displayed but there are many more creative ways to integrate them into everyday life.  As an artist, Yogini, mom and grandmother and entrepreneur, the crystals have suggested many ways for me to include them in my daily life.  Here are my top 5: Continue reading

Moldavite: Real or Fake?

moldavite 4.4 gm AMoldavite is such a beautiful and special stone, a tektite really… with a fascinating origin.  It is found only in the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic where it formed as a tektite from a meteorite hitting the earth about 15 million years ago.

It is in very limited supply and thus fairly expensive.  Consequently, Moldavite is a ripe market for counterfeiters … so how does one tell the difference between an imposter and the real thing? Continue reading