What’s in a Name?

Amethyst Lover's Grid with Citrine

Amethyst Lover’s Grid with Citrine

The answer to that question is ALOT and NOT MUCH.  Names carry energy, meaning, history, entitlements, subtlety, relationship and influence.  And yet many things have multiple names or even, no name at all until…we name it!  Before a name is attached, what was it’s identification?

With regard to crystals, the first thing many people ask me is “what is that called?”  Yes, it is true that I am always curious too to see what appellation is attached…

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How I Got Started with Crystals

Jan's collection 001 300

A few of my favorite things.

It’s a little overwhelming for some people, the first time they tour my home and crystal collection.  “They” (the stone gods and goddesses) are literally everywhere, every room, every shelf, up high, down low. Tucked in here and there, piled on plates, stacked in bowls and generally taking over the place.  Many I have forgotten about, where they are and where they came from while others are my daily favorites in daily communion of one sort or another. Are there any that I don’t know their names?  Yes. I just love them anyway. So how did this obsession get started?

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