Sugilite – Violet Ray and Shield of Light

Sugilite A

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Why is it that some of the most powerful healing crystals are also the smallest? Mother Earth has hidden a treasure in Sugilite (aka Luvulite) that can be used to gently yet thoroughly uplift the heart and inspire the soul. Because of its rarity and general unavailability, Sugilite only comes in very small packages, that is small stones for jewelry and very rarely enough material is found to make a small sphere or palmstone. I have had the blessing of a Sugilite palmstone for over 10 years and have yet to see another one that comes close to its size and quality.  Fortunately, one of the very best way to use Sugilite is to wear it as jewelry and here is why:

While this precious stone may be difficult to obtain, that has not dimmed my enthusiasm for Sugilite as one of the most powerful healing stones on the planet.  I recommend it most highly for cancer patients as Sugilite is relentless in terms of cleansing toxicity, illness, negativity and harmful influences on all levels.  This includes the causes of disease, the rigors of treatment and the emotional toll that cancer can inflict.  Research has proven that people who go through cancer treatment with rays of hope, courage and optimism have far better outcomes than people who are encumbered with hopelessness, despair, anger and negative emotions.

Sugilite creates a shield of light around one’s entire being for protection, bringing the Violet Ray of spiritual purification and healing into one’s being to face whatever difficulties are present. This is especially important if you are an empath (extremely sensitive to energetic fields) or in a vulnerable state due to illness.  Sugilite offers the highest level of protection, giving confidence and peace of mind whatever the situation.  I always wear Sugilite when reading the news or watching TV so that no matter what tragedy is discussed, I remain aware and empathetic without taking on the disharmony being portrayed.

In the realm of dreams (sleeping, lucid or meditation) Sugilite is a faithful companion, illuminating the way, revealing meaning to imagery and symbols and safely guiding one through the psychic channels.  It helps me remember why I am here, and gently but clearly my essential calling as a light worker.  If you need help in remembering your dreams,understanding and manifesting them, Sugilite is your friend.