Shattuckite – Stone of Connection to the Inner World

The mineral called Shattuckite was originally discovered in 1915 at the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona.  Since then it has also been found in several locales including the Congo, Argentina, Namibia, Norway and Great Britain.  It is a dark blue, more fibrous stone (similar to Azurite) and often found in or near Copper mines along with its cousins Chrysocolla, Malachite, Ajoite and Azurite.  Usually Shattuckite exhibits a delicate and beautiful combination of one or more of those stones so it has swirls of turquoise blue/green to indigo blue, with the occasional spots of dark green (Malachite).  Overall, it has a stunning and rich appearance and is highly valued in jewelry making.

Element: Water, Wind
Chakra: Throat and Third Eye
Astrological: Aquarius, Sagittarius
Numerology: 2
Gem Essence: Make with indirect method only as it may contain Copper
Rarity: More rare, somewhat difficult to find
Usage: Best to keep on or very close to the body, wearing continuously and near the throat and third eye (pendants, earrings)
Key Words: Communication, intuition, mediumship, protection, relationship

Metaphysical Attributes
Shattuckite has a special vocation in the psychic world by helping one understand and communicate information to and from the spiritual realms. It keeps this knowledge pure and clear and the receiver capable of hearing. Therefore it is a favorite of psychic mediums, channelers and those working in the Oracle Arts such as Tarot, Astrology, Runes, i Ching and Feng Shui.  This is one of the stones I have used when holding Angel Card readings.  In the Wiccan world, Shattuckite is respected for intuiting helpful spellcraft, healing past life curses, removing previous hypnotic commands and disarming harmful secrets. For Shamans, it is a full on guide and protective amulet in ancestral work, vision quest and shamanic journeys so that entities cannot invade, attach or intervene where not wanted but gifts such as automatic writing could be facilitated. For that reason it is also particularly valued by channelers so that messages are received clearly and contacts are held at the highest level, which is especially important when working with spirits of the departed.  I highly recommend Shattuckite for Spiritual or Yoga Teachers in any tradition (as well as their students) when studying ancient wisdom, truth, initiations and performing ritual or ceremony.

There is one very unique aspect of Shattuckite energy called “synesthesia” which is the ability to cross-boundary impressions such as hearing colors, or seeing sounds and smells. Many artists and clairvoyants have this ability and Shattuckite could serve them as a stimulus and integrator.  As a meditation stone, it can be placed right over the Third Eye (between the eyebrows) at the forehead.

For everyday folks, Shattuckite can be used at the throat chakra for any type of communication, should it be in relationship, professional work or individual development. For this reason it is highly regarded by those using their voices to influence, communicate and instruct such as teachers, politicians, managers, actors, singers, lawyers, religious leaders, parents, psychologists, health care providers. It can also be a helpful stone to use when working with past lives and past traumas, facilitating understanding, forgiveness and deeper understanding of the truth.

While it seems that Shattuckite is primarily a high spiritual vibration stone it can also be used freely for most health issues as it is a general tonic and balancer. And, it certainly would be an excellent assist for any ailment at the throat or respiratory system.

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