Blue Kyanite – Stone of Truth Telling

Blue kyanite composite

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Blue Kyanite is found primarily in Brazil and its name is taken from the Greek word “kyanos” meaning dark blue.

Element: Storm
Chakra: Throat; excellent for all chakra alignment
Astrological: Taurus, Libra, Aires
Numerology: 4
Gem Essence: For raw stones, use indirect method as kyanite’s layered structure is fragile. OK to use polished gemstones in direct method,.
Rarity: Widely available
Usage: Beautiful long stone polished for jewelry, display, long blades as wands
Key Words: Psychic abilities, intuition, telepathy, lucid dreaming, legal matters, meditation, attunement, problem solving, vocalizing one’s truth, spirit guides

Metaphysical Attributes
In my crystal healing practice I use Blue Kyanite primarily for working on the throat chakra with creativity, speech and discerning truth.   Thus, Blue Kyanite is the crystal of choice for singers, public speakers, actors, teachers and performers.  It accesses higher spiritual levels of knowledge (truth)  that then can be manifested in speech.  The same is true of dreams, where Blue Kyanite is able to help access the dream realms of experience into the physical realm through memory, analysis, intuitive logic and expression.  Thus this crystal is referred to as a “high vibration” stone because of its spiritual attunement and connection to Spirit Guides.

Physical Healing: Muscular problems, fevers, thyroid.  Bladder, adrenals.  Lowers blood pressure and fevers, heals infections.  All throat disorders, coughs, respiratory.  Can strengthen vocal cords and larynx.

Emotional/Mental: Mentally it is a clarifying influence from confusion, negativity, fears and blocks.    I personally place Blue Kyanite on my throat area if I have difficulty articulating new ideas and allow it to loosen up any inhibitions or fear around self expression.

See Blue Kyanite to purchase in my Etsy store.

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