Iolite – The “Violet Stone”

Iolite Composite Fix

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Iolite is known as the “Violet Stone” and the name actually does come from the Greek word meaning violet color. It also shows as a bluish violet The best Iolite is found in India, Madagascar and Brazil.

Element: Wind
Chakra: Third Eye and Throat
Astrological: Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus
Numerology: 7
Gem Essence: Make from faceted or tumbled stones using direct method
Rarity: Somewhat rare, not readily available
Usage: Place on Third Eye during meditation and journeying; wear as jewelry, use in medicine wheels, wands or grids for shamanic journeying
Key Words: Vision, spirit wisdom, shaman, addiction,clarity, relationship,detoxification, throat chakra, chakra alignment, intuition

Metaphysical Attributes
Being very difficult to find, I particularly treasure Iolite as a “Vision Stone” that activates the 3rd Eye, so it can be used in spiritual journeying. On the physical level it is helpful for the liver (detoxification), migraine headaches, sinuses, respiratory system.  Emotionally, this is an excellent stone to use when recovering from any addiction (food, smoking, drug, co-dependency) as it helps one see and understand the causes of addiction and then overcome them.

In my crystal healing practice I use Iolite as one of the top healing stones for relationships.  It can inspire finding new friends and attracting friendly assistance, while it also increases the self-confidence to approach new people.  It releases discord in any type of relationship and may support breaking co-dependency and any other type of addiction.  Iolite is well known as a vision stone and inner knowing, so it can be used either for meditation or dreamwork.  Put it under the pillow or hold during meditation for shamanic journeys.

Physical Healing: Helps to create robust constitution, supports detoxification of the kidneys and liver.  Known to lower fevers, malaria.  Very effective in treating migraines and the respiratory system.
Mental/Emotional: Helps to uncover the causes of addictions. See above.

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