Emerald – Stone of Successful Love

Emerald composite pic

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Emerald is a green form of the mineral Beryl. It is found in South America, Africa, and Russia. It was known by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans, revered as a fertility stone and a sign of the goddess Venus.  It is the birthstone for Taurus (April 20 – May 20) and is the perfect gift for the sign of the bull.  Legend has it as the stone in the Holy Grail that brought spiritual enlightenment.  As a gemstone, Emerald can range in color from dark to light green. As a raw specimen or tumbled stone, it may have a distinctive, green and black marbled appearance. It is ideal for metaphysical use as it exudes life, inspiration, beauty, love, equilibrium, strength, clarity and all of the most positive, uplifting aspirations of life.

Element: Water
Chakra: Heart (Green Ray)
Astrological: Taurus, Gemini, Aires
Numerology: 4
Gem Essence: Use indirect method unless a gem quality faceted stone
Rarity:  Raw or tumbled grade easily obtained, gem quality more expensive
Usage: Rarely found in large, specimen type pieces. Most suitable for tumbled stones or wearing in jewelry., especially rings, pendants or bracelets. Ideal for a pendant worn near the heart. However, do not wear Emerald constantly, day and night. It is wonderful in smaller pieces to use in crafting alongside other stones or materials.
Key Words: Love, inspiration, loyalty, patience, calming, protection, clarity, memory, relationship, prosperity

Metaphysical Attributes
In my healing practice, I frequently use Emerald for inspiration, love relationship and uplifting, positive vibrations whenever they are needed. If your budget can hold Emerald, it is an essential, overall healer for mind, body and emotions. It is widely known as the “Stone of Successful Love” so it is the perfect engagement, wedding or anniversary gift. It also opens the door to abundance, prosperity and a multitude of universal blessings into life.  Emerald is legendary as a protection stone against spells and sorcerers (and the “evil eye”). It channels spiritual vision and wisdom and is an agent of clairvoyance.

Physical Healing: One of the best stones for recovery after an infection. Well known to benefit the eyes, vision, eyestrain (make an elixir from it); detoxifies the liver; helpful in cases of diabetes, arthritis, epilepsy, poisoning, malignancies. Best to wear it in close skin contact for short periods of time. Can keep at bedside or under pillow in protective bag. Can also place over heart in bag or wear as a pendant.

Emotional/Mental: Emerald is outstanding for mental and emotional equilibrium. Besides its calming nature, it gives strength and endurance to withstand life’s many ups and downs as well as downright misfortunes and tragedy. It can be helpful for claustraphobia.  Use it to enhance memory and mental clarity.

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