Crystals A – Z

Pink Lemurian Rough Point from Brazil

Pink Lemurian Rough Point from Brazil

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Crystals A- Z is where you will find details about the historical, geological, metaphysical and my personal experience collecting and using crystals.  The crystal kingdom is varied and immense and new formations are being discovered everyday!

I decided to start this section because the metaphysical healing information that I posted in my Etsy online store for more than 1700 items, was removed due to Etsy policy. I know, its a sad day when even legend and lore is forbidden online because it is not “sanctioned” or proven by the FDA, but thankfully freedom of speech in our country is still alive and thriving!

Please touch or mouse over the Crystals A – Z link above and then move your cursor down to see all crystal healing information posted to date.

If one of your favorite crystals is not covered yet, just send me an email from the Contact page up top, and I’ll bring your request to the top of the list. You can also subscribe to this blog and you’ll get a notice each time a new entry is posted.

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