Crystal Potions


The combinations of crystals are powerful tools that correctly used, can increase the vibratory effect on the human physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  Bliss Crystals has developed many crystal “potions” or mixes to address various needs.  These combinations are based on thousands of years of experience and wisdom, on the latest research using crystals for healing work and our own intuition and experience.

The best way to use potions/mixes are to keep them close to you throughout the day or night in the organza bag provided; to put them directly on the body in the bag; or to place them in a bowl near your work or bedside.  Individual crystals can be placed in a special spiral cage holder that we sell in our store, and worn around the neck as a pendant.  The closer and more frequent the contact with the wearer the more potent the effect.

It is also important to be open and appreciative of the gift of crystal healing.  Release your expectations of what the healing or blessing will look like or when it will occur.  More often than not, the Universe’s gift to us is much better and deeper than anything the limited conscious mind can imagine.  Allow your Higher Self (soul) to operate in collaboration with the crystals for your Highest Good.


There are several features of our crystal potions to pay attention to.

  1. Color families.  Colors often resonate to a chakra or body system.  Pink and green are very attuned to the heart area.  Red, orange and gold are helpful to the functions of the lower chakras such as the reproductive system.  Blues are sympathetic to the throat and creative areas.  Purple, white and clear are spiritually uplifting.  By focusing on a color family the crystal effect can be intensified.  By combining two or more color families, the effect can be broadened to address more complex issues on multiple levels.
  2. Related combinations.  Most crystals embody multiple properties and can be used for specific purposes in combination to deeply enhance the total picture for a desired effect.  An example is our potion — Sexual Potency for Men.  This mix contains Carnelian, which stimulates the life force, metabolism and bodily fluids; metallic Pyrite, which supports stamina, strength, virility and the sexual drive as well as the mental attitude of confidence; Copper is uplifting to energetic field in general and promotes initiative; Sunstone increases joy and pleasure; Moonstone is balancing for both male and female hormones.  All of these qualities added together promote a sense of potency and healthful sexuality.
  3. Addition of Clear Quartz.  Quartz is an amplifier of energy and one of the most healing crystals on earth. It can be added to most crystals to greatly enhance their effect and is generally cleansing for crystals that are absorbing negative energies.  Quartz also raises crystal energy to the highest possible level.


What is the difference between a potion and a mix?

The words potion and mix are sometimes used interchangeably.  A potion is a crystal mix designed for a specific purpose, such as protection. A mix is any combination of crystals (whether for a specific purpose or not.) It is perfectly acceptable to mix crystals simply for aesthetic effect (i.e. it looks good together).

Is there any “wrong” way to combine crystals?

Virtually all crystals (with very few exceptions) work very well together.  The way to determine which stones are most compatible and will best serve your purpose is to either buy a pre-packaged potion, such as Bliss Crystals offers, or to consult a crystal therapist and ask for a recommendation.  We also highly recommend using your own intuition and find crystals that “speak” to you and combine them together.  If in doubt, consult the Crystal Bible by Judy Hall or The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons.  Both are reliable guides to using crystals.

Should I discontinue any medications I am taking if I am also using crystal potions?

Definitely not!  Crystals are compatible with all medical treatments and can be used to supplement medications and therapies.  If you are feeling better and want to discontinue a medication, ask your doctor first and follow your health care provider’s advice.

Can crystals cause “harm” to a person if you don’t know what you are doing?

Very, very rarely could a crystal bring a negative effect.  If a crystal is not a good choice for a condition, say addiction for example, it may not make the addiction any worse, but it may not help it specifically either.  Since most crystals have many positive healing qualities, in general they are therapeutic even if you may not know their specific effect.  It is best to gain a little knowledge to best serve you.  For example, if you want an energizing effect (you are fatigued) amethyst or lepidolite are not the best choices, as they are rather tranquilizing.  Pyrite, carnelian or citrine would be better choices.

Can I use multiple potions at one time?

Yes, but we recommend limiting them to 2 compatible potions in order to better harmonize their effect and determine how they are working for you.  It is best to use multiple potions at one time that do not have opposing effects, such as energizing and tranquilizing at the same time.   However, an example of a wise choice would be to use one potion for healing a respiratory illness and another one for general healing, sleep, protection or mental clarity.  These would be compatible. In any case, cleanse and program your crystals for best effect.

How “fast” should I expect a crystal potion to work?

The problem with this question is the word “expect.”   Working with crystals (or any other healing modality) is not like ordering a hamburger at a drive up window.  Instant gratification they are not!  The crystals will definitely “work” but the effect cannot be set within a narrow confine of a mental expectation.  It is better to remain calm and non-attached to a specific outcome for crystal healing.  Allow the Universe to heal and bless your life with the magnificent gift of crystals and see what they bring.  Very often the impact of crystal healing is very subtle (yet strong) and after some time, one will “notice” that there has been an energetic shift that is beneficial.

What should I “feel” when using the crystal potions?

Sometimes people immediately “feel” the energy of the crystals once they put them on their body, sometimes there is no specific feeling.  However, this will depend on the sensitivity you have developed in your mental and spiritual life.   Finely attuned people either have this naturally or have developed it over time.  Either way, know that the energy of the crystals WILL DEFINITELY have an effect, whether you are aware of it or not.  Once they are set in motion in your field, it is impossible for them NOT to impact your life.  Compare this to eating a certain food.  Yes, you know it will have its effect, but you may not be able to “put your finger on it” specifically.  That ability to mentally “know” the effect will not negate the impact.

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