Crystal Energy

To understand crystal healing, one must grasp the concept of subtle energies.  Subtle does not mean less powerful.  Subtle means that which is less accessible by using the gross motor sense perceptions (sight, hearing, touch, taste etc).  There are other ways to “sense” or know about subtle energies, just as we can know about atoms.  We can’t “see” atoms with our eyes or even using a powerful microscope.  However, we can see the “traces” of atoms, knowing that they were there by the signature they leave.  Through study and scientific method, we know how atoms line up to create larger structures.

Overall, we are talking about energy patterns which is the same thing as vibration or frequency.  The human body has its own system of vital energies — some are very visible while most of them are subtle or even unknown.  For example, some days and for an unknown reason, a person can feel very “down” and low energy.  Other times, the same person may feel light, energized, very “up.”  These are the “signatures” of energy flow within and without the human system.  We can even be affected by weather energy, e.g. some people feel a storm low pressure system long before it arrives.  Animals are also very sensitive to energy patterns which are not perceptible even by the latest technology devices.  They “know” with their inner radar when a tsunami or earthquake is coming and try to move to safety.

It is the same idea with crystal energy.  Their atomic structure is very linear and stable and the electromagnetic field that they operate in is very distinctive.  Through trial and error and intuitive wisdom, crystal energy has become to be understood. As a result it has been used in healing, divination and rituals for thousands of years.  Their properties have become known as to which ones are grounding and connected to earth energies and which ones are a higher vibration and connected to spirit energies.  As well, specific crystal energy may improve physical conditions such as hypertension, memory loss, insomnia, arthritis and emotional conditions such as fear, anxiety, self hatred etc.

Human energy systems have been studied for millenniums and described variously as chi, meridians, chakras, Kundalini, auras, the Kabbalah, etc.  These traditions are talking about the same thing but using different language and approaches.  Using crystals to impact the human energy system is often called crystal healing and has as many practices and traditions as there are cultures.  The following sections discuss various ways to use and access crystal energy.  You can experiment on your own, read books and attend classes

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