5 Ways to Use Your Crystals

sun grid B

Now that you have a treasure trove of beautiful crystals, what do you do with them?  They look lovely displayed but there are many more creative ways to integrate them into everyday life.  As an artist, Yogini, mom and grandmother and entrepreneur, the crystals have suggested many ways for me to include them in my daily life.  Here are my top 5: Continue reading



Rockgasm BWelcome to Bliss Crystals and Jan’s Blog, please visit our new store at https://blisscrystals.com

I am so excited to share my knowledge of the art and craft of these beautiful stones with you. Be sure to see my About page for the back story. We are just getting started so it may take some months to complete the A-Z Stone list.

Meanwhile, please feel free to use the link on the right (or on my Contact page) to ask any questions about crystals or the metaphysical world. Namaste. Jan

About my home page photos: Several of you have asked about the light purple crystal on the top banner. Yes, I am cheek to cheek with a fabulous Lilac Amethyst druzy specimen about 6 feet wide and 6 feet high!  Continue reading

Moldavite: Real or Fake?

moldavite 4.4 gm AMoldavite is such a beautiful and special stone, a tektite really… with a fascinating origin.  It is found only in the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic where it formed as a tektite from a meteorite hitting the earth about 15 million years ago.

It is in very limited supply and thus fairly expensive.  Consequently, Moldavite is a ripe market for counterfeiters … so how does one tell the difference between an imposter and the real thing? Continue reading

New Postings for Crystals A-Z

Check it out!  We are now starting daily posts about the metaphysical attributes of each crystal – Just click on the title above called Crystals A-Z.  The drop down will show which crystals are completed in each section.  No doubt this will take some time but we look at it as a long term effort worth our attention.  Since Etsy (our main online store) no longer allows any discussion of metaphysical healing, this new blog will fill the gap. Many customers have asked what has happened to the comprehensive metaphysical information in our Etsy listings.  We reluctantly removed them due to Etsy policy.  This is now being done site wide on Etsy so eventually no Sellers with be able to share this information.

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