Shiva/Shakti: The Marriage of Polarities is the Unity of All Reality. The understanding of this principle has given me deeper access to the mysteries of the Crystal Kingdom.

Welcome! I’m Jan Mathews the founder and care-taker of Bliss Crystals. This blog is designed to share the metaphysical information that I have learned about using Crystals as a healing and personal development tool over the past 20 years.

Most of my crystal knowledge and intuitive insight has come from the Yogic Tradition (Lineage of the Himalayan Sages) where I studied yoga, meditation and spiritual concepts such as the chakras, mind/body/spirit integration, mantra, initiation, energy fields and holistic healing. While all of these knowledge bases are held in the Yogic System in one form or another, many other Spiritual Traditions also teach respected philosophy and practices that enlighten the mysteries of the Crystal Kingdom … such as Native American, Wiccan, Buddhist and various Cultural Shamanism lineages. I embrace and honor all of these traditions as they are simultaneously engaged in the investigation of the one and the same Universal Energy that permeates and sustains all of Creation. Each of these spiritual systems may use different words and approaches, but in the end, I have found one, underlying Knowledge that we all seek.

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I freely mix meaningful spiritual symbols with my crystal collection, as it joyfully and creatively expresses my holistic path in life. Connection to the Earth and Cosmic energies (crystals, plants, astrology, ceremony) is a natural way to realizing the Self of Spirit.

My knowledge of Crystals is both experiential (direct experience) and learned from the teachings of respected Crystal Masters such as Melody, Judy Hall and Katrina Raphaell. I recommend any of their publications. While there may appear differences in their approaches or comments, those differences reflect their individual experiences.  Each of us has a unique “lens” through which we filter our experiences so it is important to consider myself and these teachers only as “guides” rather than dogmatic holders of one truth. In fact, there are many truths, just like there are many fish all experiencing the same pond, but each from a different place.

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To satisfy our culture’s need for legalese, we offer this statement. The information on our website is both intuitive and derived from traditional wisdom sources which may not be verifiable by scientific methods advocated by the FDA or other governmental agencies.  Therefore we offer no guarantee of any specific results with the use of crystals that we recommend or sell.  Our crystals are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. We do recommend that you consult your health care provider for health issues, an attorney for legal issues and an accountant for financial issues. Consult your own Soul for spiritual issues.

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  1. Love your about page. I like to know basic info about people I buy from. It gives me in insight to back up my intuition that this is the person I should be buying my crystals from. I especially like your last paragraph.

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