5 Ways to Use Your Crystals

sun grid B

Now that you have a treasure trove of beautiful crystals, what do you do with them?  They look lovely displayed but there are many more creative ways to integrate them into everyday life.  As an artist, Yogini, mom and grandmother and entrepreneur, the crystals have suggested many ways for me to include them in my daily life.  Here are my top 5:

1.  Wear them!  I never go anywhere without at least one crystal pendant, earring, ring or bracelet on my body.  And I tuck them inside my bra (smooth flat ones anyway) right next to my heart. My little gems are a constant, everyday companion to protect, sweeten life, remind me of my sacred journey and help me access the metaphysical world of subtle energies.  And they are a great conversation starter as most people are very attracted to natural stones. You can put a favorite stone in a ready made spiral cage (several sizes sold in our Etsy store), check out our ready made crystal jewelry, or have a crystal custom wire wrapped for you by our designer, Jillian.

2.  Mix them up with your other treasures.  The picture above is a prosperity grid I assembled using powerful manifestation crystals along with some of my favorite things: a ceremony feather, beach finds (starfish), blown glass heart (a Valentine’s gift from my hubby of 30 years), a sacred Sri Vidya copper plate that I received in India, a sweet opal Turtle collectible and a Sri Ganesh figure.  The grid is intuitive, freeform art that calls in abundance from the All Pervading Universal Mother.  And it worked for me. You could add flowers, candles, pictures, affirmation notes, shells jewelry, herbs, keepsakes or sacred objects from your altar or meditation spot.  Anything that is meaningful to you is the right thing.  I also line them up around my yoga mat (Gold Tiger Eye is a favorite for strength and endurance) and set them near my meditation seat (Celestite and Angelite).

Cancer Crystal Potion Large3.  Create a medicine bag for a friend or loved one. Its easy to combine smaller crystals together for healing or gifting – put them in a small bag and carry in a pocket or put under the pillow at night. This picture is a birthstone combination for a July friend consisting of a tumbled Ruby, Imperial Golden Topaz and moonstone chips.  So pretty, so powerful and supportive of the Cancer Sun Sign.

4. Protect Yourself and Bless Others.  The freeways here in Southern California are legendary for horrendous traffic, mix-master junctions and breathtaking speed.  I feel so much better gridding my car with Black Tourmaline, Yellow Jasper and Chiastolite, all super protective stones for travelers.  Sadly I have witnessed some fatal accidents too, so there’s an Amethyst and Kunzite in the door pocket to broadcast peaceful transition energy to the souls who may be wandering the freeway wondering what happened.  And Blue Lace Agate and a Rose Quartz are for those suffering from road rage or just plain frustration.

5.  Make gem elixirs and sprays.  Dedicate a few crystals to make gemstone elixirs using the direct method – just soak them in pure spring water for a day or two. (Use only non-toxic stones like agates, quartz, jasper, beryl).  Then take a few drops to infuse into your drinking water, or,  a spray bottle of spring water and spritz around your plants, home and office.  You can add a bit of essential oil should you wish to scent the water too.  You can also add a bit of gem essence to iced tea, coffee or bath water.  There are so many ways to use gem essence that your imagination is the only limit.  Please do your research and use the indirect method of making gem essence for Malachite, copper based stones and others you are not completely certain about.  I cover this on the Crystal Basics page.

These are just a few suggestions and I am sure you can think of many more. Please let me know and I’ll post your ideas in a future blog on the subject.

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