Rockgasm BWelcome to Bliss Crystals and Jan’s Blog, please visit our new store at https://blisscrystals.com

I am so excited to share my knowledge of the art and craft of these beautiful stones with you. Be sure to see my About page for the back story. We are just getting started so it may take some months to complete the A-Z Stone list.

Meanwhile, please feel free to use the link on the right (or on my Contact page) to ask any questions about crystals or the metaphysical world. Namaste. Jan

About my home page photos: Several of you have asked about the light purple crystal on the top banner. Yes, I am cheek to cheek with a fabulous Lilac Amethyst druzy specimen about 6 feet wide and 6 feet high!  It is in the shape of rounded slab, covered with thousands of small druzy points and accented by White Calcite points. This combination of Calcite and Amethyst is a Collector’s Dream.

The second picture I am enjoying Namaste (prayer pose) inside of a dark purple Amethyst geode tower about 10 feet high. This type is often called a “Church” geode. They are so beautiful and inspiring you just know you’re in a sacred place. If you are wondering why I’m so attracted to giant crystals, blame it on Jupiter which has the greatest influence in my astrological chart.  Big has always been better in my book…big work, big heart, big dreams and very big gratitude for all the beauty, abundance and love that has come my way.

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