Moldavite: Real or Fake?

moldavite 4.4 gm AMoldavite is such a beautiful and special stone, a tektite really… with a fascinating origin.  It is found only in the Moldau River valley in the Czech Republic where it formed as a tektite from a meteorite hitting the earth about 15 million years ago.

It is in very limited supply and thus fairly expensive.  Consequently, Moldavite is a ripe market for counterfeiters … so how does one tell the difference between an imposter and the real thing?

Its not always easy, but experience really helps.  In person I can immediately tell the difference but photos can be misleading.  It can help to get the opinion of someone with Moldavite experience to look at a prospective purchase.  And don’t be fooled by so called “Certificates of Authenticity.”  Those are easy to make up on a computer and most of them are completely meaningless. However there are tell-tale signs that can point out the real thing from the imitations. Here’s how to tell:

1.  Recognize real Moldavite.  The real thing is truly beautiful. It has a unique pattern with irregular pittings and wrinkles on the surface that are characteristic of tektites. The stone has a translucent, dark to light olive green color and a very high spiritual vibration. The surface is not particularly shiny unless it has been polished or faceted.  The natural finish is more of a matte, not shiny finish.

2.  Know the Seller. Virtually all fake Moldavite is sold from China or Thailand in large lots with either incredibly low or astoundingly high prices.  You will see them mainly on eBay and at some of the gem shows with “off name” wholesalers.  It is possible that fakes can work their way into wholesale gems shows and into the collections of unsuspecting retailers.  So it is critical that the retailer have enough experience and the professional contacts to buy from a proven and 100% reputable wholesaler. Over the past 20 years I have bought Moldavite from only one well known, reputable European gemstone dealer that sources direct in the Czech Republic. I am 100% certain of its authenticity.

3.  Understand how its done.  Fake Moldavite is cast in molds from green glass.

fake moldaviteThe surface appears wet and shiny with a bright green, homogeneous color. The texture will probably be similar from piece to piece and it will not be finely grained. Or the texture can be more on the smooth side and the nuances of the real stone are missing. So its good to compare multiple pieces from the same lot and see if there are consistencies.  The picture on the right is a good example – the texture is smooth like glass and very shiny.  It is also being sold directly from China.  The probability of this piece being fake is very high.

moldavite 4.4 gm AThe picture on the left is an authentic piece of Moldavite sold in the Bliss Crystals shop on Etsy. You can immediately see that the texture is finely grained with a more natural matte finish. The edge are naturally irregular and the color is more subtle.

4.  Origin.  Authentic Moldavite is always from the Czech Republic.  If the Seller claims it is from another area or is lab created then it is not authentic.  Period.

5.  Color. The real color is a softer, moss green, not a shiny bright green. It is never brown, red, blue or a “new” color.

6.  Price.  Moldavite is sold by the gram so if you see a piece at “auction” for a very low price, chances are it is suspect.  A very low price, not sustainable by the market is usually fake too, as there are no real “bargains” on the real thing.  An extremely high price that is not competitive could be a warning sign as well.

7.  “Beads.” There are quite a few people selling bracelets and necklaces made of round beads claiming to be Moldavite.  Again, mostly on eBay.  Moldavite on occasion can be faceted into a gemstone like stone, but beads are not made. It takes too much material to be polished and formed into beads and Moldavite is far too expensive and precious to be made into beads. No matter how attractive, pay no attention to these fakes.

Metaphysical Attributes
Moldavite is so powerful that even people who usually do not feel much in crystal energy can often feel the Moldavite energy.  It is known to facilitate communication with Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides of every tradition.  I always recommend using a grounding stone like Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Agate or Jasper with Moldavite especially if you are easily affected by it, otherwise excessive giddiness, spaciness or excess energy pulses could leave one feeling unbalanced.  You will have to experiment to see how Moldavite affects you.

Personally I find Moldavite very inspiring and uplifting and an avenue to seeing future potentials, wisdom and information from the Akashic Records.

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One thought on “Moldavite: Real or Fake?

  1. This is my favorite stone. Thanks for helping know how to authenticate it. Although, I’ll still leave it up to you. There’s no place I’d rather put my trust.

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