New Postings for Crystals A-Z

Check it out!  We are now starting daily posts about the metaphysical attributes of each crystal – Just click on the title above called Crystals A-Z.  The drop down will show which crystals are completed in each section.  No doubt this will take some time but we look at it as a long term effort worth our attention.  Since Etsy (our main online store) no longer allows any discussion of metaphysical healing, this new blog will fill the gap. Many customers have asked what has happened to the comprehensive metaphysical information in our Etsy listings.  We reluctantly removed them due to Etsy policy.  This is now being done site wide on Etsy so eventually no Sellers with be able to share this information.

My dream has always been to host an independent website (away from e-commerce on Etsy and eBay) that is a completely free discussion forum of the metaphysical practices of Crystal Healing. By healing, I mean any activity that directs and uses Energy for positive change.  That could mean uplifting the negative energy of a space to positive energy that is joyful, peaceful and conducive to healthy relationships.  Or, it could mean the direct application of a crystal to the body for physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing.

Crystal Healing is a time honored practice going back thousands of years to the  Egyptians, the Bible and the Ayurvedic traditions of India.  There’s really nothing “new” just a revival of the ancient wisdoms.

I will be adding comprehensive sections to this blog daily so please check in often or feel free to email me at:

Most happy to answer any questions you may have.

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