What’s in a Name?

Amethyst Lover's Grid with Citrine

Amethyst Lover’s Grid with Citrine

The answer to that question is ALOT and NOT MUCH.  Names carry energy, meaning, history, entitlements, subtlety, relationship and influence.  And yet many things have multiple names or even, no name at all until…we name it!  Before a name is attached, what was it’s identification?

With regard to crystals, the first thing many people ask me is “what is that called?”  Yes, it is true that I am always curious too to see what appellation is attached…

but more often than not, I encourage my friends and students to simply notice the energetic field before naming it.  As Westerners sometimes we like things to be sorted out and pre-digested instead of exploring on our own and finding out what is really there that we can detect.  So next time you encounter “something new” in the crystal kingdom (or anywhere else!) I would encourage you to pay attention to its attributes (color, size, texture, dimensionality, shape, forms etc) and then notice what its presence brings up in you (feelings, energetic movement, thoughts, senses, memories, desire etc).  Those are the things that message us about crystal energy.  What we “feel” about it on multiple levels is often its gift.  I have heard people say…”well, I don’t feel crystal energy or I don’t feel anything.”  That usually means to pay attention at a deeper level and to practice paying attention.

One thought on “What’s in a Name?

  1. Speaking of the feel of a crystal… what was it like to go cheek to cheek with that gorgeous crystal featured in your banner photo? And, yes, what is its name?

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